What's Kaiseki-Ryori会席料理?

It is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. Firstly, appetizers are served as the starter with a drink (sake). More dishes such as Tempura, Chawan-mushi etc are following which makes you feel full and satisfied. Lastly, rice or sushi is offered, then the desert and Japanese tea are served to complete the course.

The course may be served one by one or all together as each restaurants has different menus and styles.



[Syokuzensyu食前酒 / Aperitif and Sakizuke先付 / Appetizer]

Please sip the aperitif then start eating appetizers.


[Zensai前菜 / Antipasto]

Zensai is the antipasto before the main dishes. It strongly features seasonal ingredients and well-elaborated for its presentation and taste.


[Suimonoお吸い物 / Soup-type Appetizer]

Once you open the lid of the bowl, please firstly enjoy rich smell before eating.
You may feel the soup is a bit thin but it actually enhances the ingredients and helps to refresh your mouth.


[Otsukuriお造り / Sashimi]

Otsukuri is essential for Kaiseki-Ryori.
Please pour only a minuscule amount of soy sauce as well as Wasabi into the small bowl (you can always add more later if needed.), then dip Sashimi into it and enjoy eating.


[Takiawase炊き合わせ / Mini Hot Pot]

Takiawase is Japanese boiled food used seasonal vegetables, fish etc. Please cut them into bite size in the bowl if it is necessary.


[Yakimono焼き物 / Grilled Dish]

In general, it is served grilled fish which is served with its head or cut into thick slices.


[Agemono揚げ物 / Frying]

The well-known frying is Tempura. Please eat them before getting cold so that you can enjoy the texture of crunch. You can choose Tentsuyu (Japanese tempura dip sauce) or salt for seasoning.


[Riceごはん / Miso soup味噌汁 / Picklesお漬物]

They are served at the same time. One thing you may have to careful is not to leave even a grain of rice as it is considered bad manner in Japan.



Lastly, seasonal cutting fruits are served as the dessert. (It is sometimes assorted.)


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